Franck Herval

Styled by Manuelle, a creative designer, and hand-made by our team of talented craftsmen, Franck Herval is born from the exclusive know-how of jewellers who are both creators and manufacturers. Her inspiration? The vibe of the moment! Her values? Passion and Sharing.

Un lieu, un instant, mon bijou

Franck Herval time-line
It is in 2009 that our family business, already implanted in the world of costume jewellery, decides to open to new horizons by acquiring the Franck Herval brand. A new exciting adventure!
Manuelle has gained confidence, forged by our youthful mistakes, we can now take wing! 2012 marks the starting point of our rise.
Continuing to develop, our identity is affirmed. Today we feel a strong desire of sharing and openness, approaching women for whom we design our jewellery with passion

Franck Herval is above all a brand that aims to be accessible, easy to wear, inspired trends, the zeitgeist, jewellery created by a woman for women

Our primary purpose is not to design pieces of style, but to create easy to wear jewellery that enable women to feel good about themselves at every moment of the day or night

We believe jewellery is a “talisman” that accompanies us every day, whether for the first date with a handsome stranger met at the market, or just a good time amongst friends

For us, the jewellery lives with the woman wearing it, it follows her moods, desires…, that's why we love creating pieces in a variety of styles, which can be mixed and combined.

Franck Herval jewellery plays on a clever balance between finesse, elegance and a colourful world that brings freshness to our creations.

What characterises us? We don’t like monotony! You’ll find girly pieces, ethnic-chic jewellery, but also more sophisticated jewellery for your nights out, all harmonised by the Manuelle' signature.

« Since I was a little girl, I have been immersed in the world of costume jewellery... I was around 4 or 5 when my parents decided to créâte the Nature Bijoux brand. As a teenager, I helped them at Professional exhibitions and I loved playing around in the workshops. It is quite naturally that I took over the artistic direction of Franck Herval at the time of its purchase in 2009. Since then, each season, helped by a dynamic team, I attempt to create elegant, coloured, fashionable pieces always with a certain sense of attention to the detail.
Each piece is a delicious balance between creativity and know-how. My creative orientation is influenced by everything I see or do in my everyday life : fashion show, books, magazines, illustrations and materials from around the world... So Voila, now you can discover the Franck Herval universe for yourself ! »