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Franck Herval

Dreamed up by Manuelle, a creator fizzing with ideas, and hand-crafted by our team of talented artisans, Franck Herval jewellery is born of the unique skillset of a jeweller who’s designer and manufacturer all rolled into one. Her inspiration? Passing trends! Her values? Passion and sharing. That’s how Manuelle always manages to come up with multi-faceted, fantasy designs that blend together different harmonies, styles, materials and influences, whether for women’s bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or any other piece. The heartfelt purpose underlying all her collections is to humbly create jewellery that comes alive in our daily lives, everywhere we go, brightening up our every moment!

The Franck Herval brand is, first and foremost, jewellery that’s easy to wear. Jewellery that’s accessible to all, inspired by fashion, by passing trends; jewellery created by a woman for women.
Our primary goal is not to design style pieces, but fantasy jewels that easily go with what you wear and that make you feel good about yourself, inspiring you with confidence at every moment, day or night!
For us, a jewel is a “lucky charm” that accompanies you through your day-to-day, whether you’re going on a first date with a handsome stranger you met at the market, or simply spending some fun times with friends!

Timeline …


It’s in 2009 that our family business, already established in the world of fantasy jewellery, decides to broaden its horizons by buying up the Franck Herval jewellery brand.
A thrilling new adventure!


Manuelle has gained in confidence, and now, having learned from our youthful mistakes, we’re ready to calmly take wing and fly! This year marks the beginning of our rise to success.


Still in full bloom, we’ve asserted our identity. Today, we feel a strong urge to share and open up to others, by getting closer to the women for whom we so lovingly design our Franck Herval jewellery!

A place, a moment, my jewellery…

For us, the jewel lives with the woman who wears it, following her through all her moods and desires; that’s why we like to create pieces of different styles, to be mixed together, to be combined with one another. But, you ask yourself, how do these pretty words actually influence the style of our jewels?

Franck Herval jewellery finds an exquisite balance between a certain finesse, an elegance and a whole world of colour; and it’s this balance that brings such zest to our creations. What characterises us? We don’t like monotony!

You can find girly bracelets or necklaces and jewellery of ethnic chic, alongside more sophisticated pieces for your nights out, all of it streamlined by Manuelle’s distinctive style.