ALICE plastron

Réf : 15--62900


Discover the necklaces of the Alice collection. Let’s go for these leather finishings and this floral style with blue colors.


Alice is a real bouquet! A collection which will make you dive into a floral universe. Let's discover the work of our craftsmen : an elegant composition of chiseled leather petals sewn by hand in our workshops. Let's go for volume and lightness with this Franck Herval collection.


Dimensions 42 cm
Weight N/A
color Black, Blue, Golden
size 42 cm
Collection Alice
Types of item Necklaces, Plastron
Types of item Alice, FH20.1, Necklaces, Plastron

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    To keep your jewel shiny and new, we recommend that you regularly wipe it with a Chamois cotton cloth and store it in the pouch it originally came with.

    Look after your Franck Herval jewel by avoiding direct contact with chemicals. Refrain from spraying perfume or wearing it on skin that's in direct contact with your jewel.

    We advise you to avoid plunging your jewel in water. For more details, please visit our FAQ

    The creation and manufacture of our jewellery

    All our jewellery is hand-crafted in our workshops by artisans whose expertise is truly unique. We are deeply committed to the creation of fantasy jewellery.

    We shape and assemble a plethora of different components: natural materials such as stone, mother of pearl, bone, and horn, as well as metal, glass beads, ceramic, resin, fabric, rhinestones and countless others.

    The photographs and descriptions illustrating the items are indicative only; items may vary according to the materials used.

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