>How should I look after my Franck Herval jewels?

How should I look after my Franck Herval jewels?

Our jewels are entirely hand made in our workshops thanks to our craftsmen’s exclusive know-how. To keep your jewels in sparkling condition, please respect the following advice:

  1. Chemical products
    Avoid direct contact between your jewels and chemical products or detergents. For all housework, take off your jewels to avoid any risk of corrosion due to domestic cleaning products.
  2. Perfume
    Cosmetics such as hairspray, perfume and body cream, produce evaporation which can harm your jewels. Don’t spray perfume directly on your jewels.
  3. Water
    Take off your jewels under the shower, avoid bathing and all contact with water.
  4. Sporting activities
    To avoid shocks, take off your jewels during sporting activities.

Clean your jewels regularly with a chamois or other soft cloth and put them away in their pouch or original box.