What are cookies?2017-11-18T00:54:57+01:00

For you to browse on the website, we ask you to accept our policy on cookies. Cookies are files containing information about the web pages you have visited. They facilitate your browsing on the website by recording data such as the products which you have consulted or your login details. We use cookies to know your needs better.

How should I look after my Franck Herval jewels?2017-11-18T00:51:33+01:00

Our jewels are entirely hand made in our workshops thanks to our craftsmen’s exclusive know-how. To keep your jewels in sparkling condition, please respect the following advice:

  1. Chemical products
    Avoid direct contact between your jewels and chemical products or detergents. For all housework, take off your jewels to avoid any risk of corrosion due to domestic cleaning products.
  2. Perfume
    Cosmetics such as hairspray, perfume and body cream, produce evaporation which can harm your jewels. Don’t spray perfume directly on your jewels.
  3. Water
    Take off your jewels under the shower, avoid bathing and all contact with water.
  4. Sporting activities
    To avoid shocks, take off your jewels during sporting activities.

Clean your jewels regularly with a chamois or other soft cloth and put them away in their pouch or original box.

What are the security and confidentiality rules?2017-11-18T00:45:21+01:00

You can use our website without giving personal data if you don’t create your account. If you want to order, you must create an account. In this case we collect the data necessary for the invoicing and delivery of your order: your names, addresses, e-mail address and phone number.

What guarantee is provided with Franck Herval jewels?2017-11-18T00:43:26+01:00

We guarantee your jewels for a period of 12 months as from the date of purchase. Beyond this period, we offer a repair service at a competitive price.

How can I contact customer services?2023-07-13T09:12:05+02:00

Customer services can be contacted by telephone on 05 63 23 08 90 (From Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm and Friday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm) or via the contact form

How do I add a new address?2017-11-17T10:28:05+01:00

In your profile you can add, modify or delete all the addresses you wish. When you order you can select the delivery address you want.

How can I look for an article in particular?2023-07-13T09:37:19+02:00

You can look for an article by using the search bar at the top of the menu. You can also use the filters in the collection page on the left. The article you are looking for may not be available.

How can I prove my identity if I’ve lost my password?2017-11-17T10:18:18+01:00

Under the password box you will see a clickable link called “password forgotten”. You can click on it and re-establish your password.

Why don’t I receive any e-mails?2023-07-13T09:22:25+02:00

If you have subscribed to our newsletter and you receive no e-mails or if you have created your profile and made an order and received no confirmatory e-mail, then there is probably a typing error in your e-mail address. We suggest that you retype your e-mail address in your account or in the newsletter box. If the problem persists, please contact us using the contact form.

Is it possible to modify or delete my account?2023-07-13T09:18:26+02:00

You can certainly delete your account when you want, you can contact customer services, on 05 63 23 08 90 or via the contact form. In your account you can also modify your profile by adding supplementary information or simply changing one or several personal details.

Why can’t I connect with Facebook connect?2023-07-13T09:27:26+02:00

You are probably not connected. We advise you to open a new tab and to connect to Facebook. Then click on the button Facebook connect. If the problem persists you can contact us using the contact form

How do I create my account?2023-07-13T09:46:37+02:00

On the home page on the top right, click on the icon which corresponds to your account. Then click on the link create my account. A form appears and you can create your account. Fill in the sections on the registration form then click on “Confirm”.

Can I order without risk?2017-11-17T09:43:50+01:00

All our payments are secured. The transmission of data on the website takes place in a secured context, using the protocols in force on the Internet. The bank card numbers are not kept.

How do I use a promotional code?2017-11-17T09:41:43+01:00

Before the “payment” and “delivery” pages you will find a summary of your order. You can insert your promotional code in the block. The reduction will be made automatically. Please make sure your code is still valid before contacting our customer services.

What means of payment are accepted?2017-11-17T09:39:39+01:00

Payment may be made by bank card or PayPal. Warning: some foreign cards may not be accepted. In this case, you should try with another means of payment.

How can I pay for my order?2023-07-12T15:18:49+02:00

To pay for your order you must create an account on our website and provide the obligatory information. We do not accept stage payments. If you have a problem connecting or making an order please contact us on 05 63 23 08 90 or via the contact form which might suit your requirement.

I made a mistake in my return request, what should I do?2023-07-12T16:06:59+02:00

In this case you should contact our customer services as soon as possible on 05 63 23 08 90 or via the contact form.

How long have I got to send back my parcel?2017-11-17T09:28:49+01:00

You have 14 days following receipt of your order to return your articles to us.

How long does it take to be reimbursed?2017-11-17T09:26:30+01:00

Don’t forget that you are responsible for the return of your parcel until it arrives in our premises. You should expect to wait for 14 working days before it reaches us. An e-mail will then be sent to you informing you that your return has been safely received.

Your return will be processed within 4 working days of its receipt and a confirmatory e-mail will be sent to you. Our returns procedure means that we are obliged to reprocess your returned article before reimbursing it. After this check we will reimburse your parcel.

No purchase from our on-line boutique may be exchanged or reimbursed in our boutiques in France or with our retailers.

In what cases are my transport costs reimbursed?2017-11-17T09:24:04+01:00

Our returns procedure means that we are obliged to reprocess your returned article before reimbursing it. After this check we will decide whether we can reimburse the transport costs or not.

How can I exchange my jewel?2023-07-13T09:41:11+02:00

If you use your right of cancellation, we may exchange your jewel under special conditions. Please contact customer services directly on 05 63 23 08 90 or via the contact form.

How can I return an article?2019-12-17T10:22:49+01:00

You have a deadline of 14 days after receipt of your order to return your jewels and be reimbursed. The articles must be returned to us in their original packaging.

These are the steps to follow for returns:

  1. Visit the Franck Herval website and click on “My account
  2. Click on “My orders” then on the button “Return”
  3. Select the articles to return, adding the reason for the return.
  4. Pack the articles then close the parcel carefully
  5. The parcel should be returned to the following address:
    Franck Herval
    279 Avenue d’Allemagne
    82000 Montauban
  6. Deposit your parcel at a post office of your choice.

You must pay the transport costs, except in the case of special conditions.

The returns are dealt with as quickly as possible after receipt of the parcel. You should allow around 14 days after receipt of the parcel for the reimbursement to be made.

Can you deliver to work addresses?2017-11-17T09:00:27+01:00

We can deliver both to your home and work address. In both cases, please make sure some-one is there to receive your parcel.

What happens if I’m absent for the delivery?2017-11-17T08:51:51+01:00

If you are absent for the delivery of your order, the carrier will leave a calling card indicating how you should get your parcel or how to fix a new delivery depending on the carrier chosen. The carrier may also deliver your parcel to a post office. We advise you to track your order with the tracking number.

I made several orders during the day, can I group them together?2023-07-12T15:13:51+02:00

It all depends on the time when you made your various orders. In some cases, we can group them together and in other cases you will receive several parcels. You may also send us a message via the contact form saying that you wish to group your orders together.

Can I cancel a delivery?2017-11-17T07:29:58+01:00

You can postpone the delivery day on the carrier’s website if you are absent or collect the calling card left in your letter box. But you cannot cancel a delivery in progress, neither can you modify the address indicated when you made the payment.

To which countries do you deliver?2017-11-17T07:26:36+01:00

We deliver in mainland France and Corsica, the rest of Europe, French Overseas Territories and Departments and the rest of the world. (See the list of countries per carrier).

How does express delivery work?2017-11-17T07:22:40+01:00

Express delivery enables you to receive the delivery at your home address or at the address of your choice. You can also have the delivery made to a pick-up point.

How does standard delivery work?2017-11-17T07:17:04+01:00

Standard delivery enables you to receive the delivery at your home address or at the address of your choice. You can also have the delivery made to a pick-up point.

What are the tariffs and deadlines for dispatch?2017-11-17T07:09:40+01:00

Our delivery service is provided by two carriers: Colissimo and Chronopost       for France and abroad. Delivery is not free. Here are the tariff details for each carrier.


  • Home address in France: 2 to 3 working days depending on your region – tariff: €7
  • Pick-up point in France: 2 to 3 working days depending on your region – tariff: €5
  • Home address in Europe / French Overseas Territories and Departments: 3 to 7 working days – tariff: €12
  • Pick-up points in Europe: 3 to 7 working days – tariff: €11
  • Rest of the world: 4 to 10 working days – tariff: €28 (excluding customs duties)


  • Chrono 13h: delivery to home address the next day before 13.00: €20
  • Chrono Relais 13h: delivery to a pick-up point the next day before 13.00: €15
  • Chrono Express: delivery to a home address in Europe (outside France) in 1 to 3 days: €30
How do you deliver?2017-11-17T06:58:42+01:00

We provide two types of delivery: standard and express.

  • Standard delivery to home address with Colissimo
  • Standard delivery to a pick-up point with Colissimo
  • Express delivery to a home address with Chronopost
  • Express delivery to a pick-up point with Chronopost

The Express and Colissimo delivery costs are not free for returns, except in the case of special conditions.

How can I find a previous collection on the website?2023-07-12T15:31:41+02:00

We prioritise the presentation on-line of our latest collections so as to offer you as many novelties as possible. However, you can find some items of our previous collections in some of our sales outlets. We invite you to visit the closest boutique to you by clicking on this link.

Where can I find further information on a product?2023-07-12T15:34:20+02:00

You will find a maximum amount of information in our product notes where we provide a detailed description of the jewel and photos. You will also find all our advice on how to look after your jewel for the best. If however you still don’t find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Have you any physical shops?2023-07-12T15:44:12+02:00

We have a number of Franck Herval sales outlets via our retailers. To find the nearest one to you we invite you to click on this link.

What is the difference between the wish-list and my basket?2017-11-17T06:20:03+01:00

The wish-list corresponds to your list of wishes. It lets you select products you could call “can’t resist” or “favourites”. It facilitates your selection of fantasy jewelry on the day you order. You can add the jewels of your choice to this wish-list then add them to the basket and/or delete them when you wish.

How long do my articles stay in my basket?2017-11-17T06:10:31+01:00

Your basket is on the top right next to your account on the home page of the website. The articles added to your basket will stay for around 60 days after which we invite you to revisit our Franck Herval website to review your selection.

What is the quality of your products?2017-11-17T06:06:22+01:00

We are creators and manufacturers, which is why we attach the greatest importance to the making of our creations and the quality of our products. We fashion and assemble a multitude of components: in natural materials such as stones, mother-of-pearl, bone, horn, but also metal (tin & brass), glass pearls, ceramic, resin, fabric, diamante and much more….All this richness contributes to the making of unique and expressive jewels. The metal components are silver-plated (guaranteed 3&5 microns) or gold-plated with fine gold.

How can I get an invoice?2023-07-12T14:58:45+02:00

You want an invoice ? Nothing more simple ! Visit your account by clicking on “My account” then “My orders”.

Then select the order of your choice and click on the button “Invoice”. You can download it in pdf format and print it.

How quickly is my order dispatched?2017-11-17T05:14:37+01:00

All orders placed before 12 o’clock (mid-day) from Monday to Friday are processed on the same day. In other words, your order is taken out of the stock, checked, conditioned and stamped for remittance to the carrier you have chosen (Colissimo or Chronopost).

All orders placed after mid-day are processed in priority the following working day.

We inform you by e-mail as soon as your order is dispatched. You can then track your parcel on the carrier’s website or our website in the section “My account” then “My orders”.

What should I do if my order is late?2023-07-12T15:06:09+02:00

We suggest you check the status of your parcel using the tracking number. If you have no trace of your parcel, you should contact our customer services on 05 63 23 08 90 or via the contact form.

What should I do if my product has a defect?2023-07-12T15:09:44+02:00

We apologise in advance for this problem, and we would ask you to contact our customer services as soon as possible with the order number on 05 63 23 08 90 or via the contact form on the website.

There is an article missing in my order, what should I do?2023-07-11T16:57:32+02:00

Your missing article may arrive in another parcel, in this case we recommend that you check the confirmatory e-mail you have received to see if your order has been dispatched in more than one parcel.

However, if the product is really missing, you may contact us directly by phone on 05 63 23 08 90 or via the contact form.

Please indicate your order number so that we can reply as quickly as possible.

Where is my order?2023-07-11T17:01:26+02:00

After placing an order on our website, you can follow it up in “My account”, then in “My orders”. Then you can track your parcel using the tracking number you have received in the e-mail confirming the dispatch of your order.

Is it possible to modify or cancel an order ?2017-11-17T04:16:12+01:00

You cannot cancel your order on the website once your payment has been confirmed. You should contact customer services directly. On the website, if your order is in the “confirmed” stage, it can no longer be cancelled. You may however return the product for reimbursement after receipt.